If so, we can help outplacement at Career Recruitment.

Whether you are an individual going through this life changing experience, or an employer who wishes to support their employees who are being affected by a restructure or closure of a business.

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Also, and disappointingly, you are not alone, according to the latest figures, 97 thousand employees have lost their jobs through redundancy in the last 3 years, that is a lot of jobs lost!

Nevertheless, at Career Recruitment we encourage our clients to sit with one of our Career Growth Consultants to have an impartial and in depth discussion concerning their next career move, and to use this negative and challenging time to really consider if they wish to pursue a similar role or, to maybe use this opportunity to find out if this could be the time to make that career change that you have always secretly wanted to make.

Director Claire Bowen is a highly-qualified Careers Adviser with over 15 years’ experience in the education, employment, and careers industries and previously was the Careers Wales Redundancy Coordinator, helping employers and their staff during challenging times.