Hourly Coaching

As well as our coaching packages, Career Recruitment deliver expert career advice and guidance through a variety of methods and for different career management challenges, such as:

hourly coaching
  • Career choices
  • Interview Preparation and Performance
  • Help with your existing CV
  • Learn to write a CV in 60 minutes
  • Being proactive and how to sell yourself within a challenging labour market
  • Understanding and identifying your transferable skills

At the end of each session, you will be more aware of your available options, and we will create an action plan to help you make more informed career decisions.

CV Critique

£ 70.00

This session is for individuals who already have a working CV, but maybe it requires enhancing, or perhaps needs to read more concisely.

Career Recruitment will review your existing CV and make necessary amendments and suggestions for improvement; your CV will inspire the employer whilst outlining your personal qualities and transferable skills.

You will also learn what to do with your CV when it is completed, and where and how to send it to prospective employers.

For an additional £25 we can also write your cover letter to accompany your CV

Interview Preparation

£ 70.00

Many people overlook the importance of preparation for a job interview. Interview Preparation is just as important as attending the interview!!

Making the transition to new employment can have a significant impact on an individual. The general labour market can feel daunting and can affect confidence and motivational levels. Lack of opportunity awareness can also have an impact – You need to learn to be resilient in more ways than one!

Preparing for the interview can make all the difference, and can help to overcome the lack of confidence. You need to know how to answer tough interview / competency based questions, without being over powering, and in a structured and timely manner.

Career Coaching

£ 70.00

At Career Recruitment, our aim is to help motivate and inspire individuals to reach their desired goals and employment aspirations through a variety of methods.

Do you know what your transferable skills are? Do you know which jobs you are able to do with your existing skills, qualities and experiences?

Previous experiences of delivering career coaching services have confirmed that participants in Career Recruitment’s training gain the following benefits:

  • Learn how to promote themselves in a very competitive labour market
  • Become more proactive in the search for their next employment
  • Identify their existing transferable skills and match them to alternative jobs
  • Have the confidence to demonstrate their transferable skills in an effective way
  • Understand their preferred skills
  • Understand the difference between their skills and qualities