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What is a CV?

CV stands for curriculum vitae, which is Latin for Your life’s journey.  Your CV is your marketing tool, it is what sells you and your brand, it is an advert of your work to date, selling you and your skills and abilities to your next potential employer!

What should it include?

CV Writing create your perfect cv

It should include your personal profile, your profile is the first thing that employers will read, so you need to make sure it is short, sharp and to the point, oh, and don’t forget to tell the employer what type of role you are asking them for.  Make sure you stand out, be unique!

Your CV should also include any formal qualifications or professional training that you have completed that is relevant to the role for which you are applying for, always include your higher education if you have any.

What not to include?

Never ever put your national insurance number on your CV, you do not need to give this number, you don’t even need to out your date of birth on there if you do not wish to, if you have a LinkedIn profile (which you definitely should have if you are job searching), make sure to include the link under your contact details – It is inevitable that an employer will look you up on LinkedIn – Make sure that profile also reads well (we can help with this too) !

If you need our help with producing an effective and professional CV, no matter where you are in your career, give us a call or email us at

Why do you need a CV?

We are living in a very challenging labour market today, and many people are searching for new opportunities, employers receive hundreds of CVs weekly, so you need to make sure, you make yourself stand out, remember you will probably need more than one CV, depending on what you are searching for!

We can help you stand out, and still describe you to a tea!  So, get in touch with one of our Career Growth Consultants for an informal chat about how we can help you get to that all important job interview with our CV writing services.

Career Recruitment will create your CV based on your life’s journey to date, inspiring the employer whilst outlining your personal qualities and transferable skills.

These services currently come in three categories and are delivered by qualified Careers Advisers and this would involve meeting with an adviser, either face-to-face, over the telephone or Skype, so that they can get a good understanding of your skills, qualities, experiences and achievements.

We will also teach you how to alter your CV to reflect each different job that you apply for.

Scroll down to see the services currently offered by Career Recruitment.

Career Beginnings

£ 59.95

Suitable for:

Your first CV
A Graduate
A School Leaver
Returning to Work


£ 179.00

Suitable for:

Change of employment
All professional roles
Post redundancy


£ 239.00

Suitable for:

Executive roles
All executive change of employment
Executive roles post redundancy