Career Coaching

Career Recruitment delivers expert and highly qualified career coaching services to all.

Some of our clients include graduates, police officers and individuals who are facing redundancy.

We have packages to suit all your individual needs – Take a look over at our Coaching Packages page.

We have been working with South Wales Police since 2011, supporting Officers after they have completed their highly successful 30 years service.  Therefore, we have delivered equally successful careers advice to help them with their next career move.

The services include identifying transferable skills, CV writing and also job interview techniques, but most importantly, we help our clients become re-energised in our current and tough labour market.

Career Recruitment has over 10 years experience helping people.  As a result, our clients win job interviews from using our exceptional CV writing services.  Also, our clients have gained employment because they have successfully completed our interview technique coaching sessions.


Our values are Empowerment, Honesty and Integrity, Commitment and Loyalty

One of our core values at Career Recruitment is to inspire, motivate and instil positivity back into our Candidates.  We will do this by supporting them with regular updates and empowering them with effective employability skills.

We will insist on delivering a highly ethical service.  All our clients will be given honest and productive feedback.

Our career coaching services will support and empower our Candidates and will provide a loyal and committed service.

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