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Our Director

Meet Claire Bowen, MSc, BA Hons., QCG, ILM

Our Director, delivering highly qualified Careers Advice

After taking part in a two-week voluntary programme with The Prince’s Trust, Claire decided to make a career change and update her CV.

Over ten years ago she witnessed what reality was for some young people living with multiple disadvantages, young people who were disengaging from education and employment.  They had a history of being victim from physical abuse, parents who were drug / alcohol addicts, and through no fault of their own were disengaging from school.


Hence, Claire decided to change her career, resign from her full time public sector job and attend University as a full time mature student.  Upon completion of her BA Hons. Education Studies and Social Inclusion, she decided to pursue the Qualification in Career Guidance (QCG), followed by an MSc in Career Guidance.

Career Recruitment delivers expert careers advice and recruitment services.  We specialise in Manufacturing / Engineering, Finance, Corporate and Sales.  We also deliver CV Writing, Interview Techniques and Effective Job Search services.


Above all, Claire has significant experience of working as a Redundancy Coordinator for Wales, so the services help people who are losing their jobs.  Also, to help people who are looking for a career change and need help due to having no idea where to start.

Furthermore, Claire has many years experience helping and supporting South Wales Police Officers.  Therefore, the career advice and recruitment services have been set up to help people who are leaving their emergency service role.  Helping them with CV Writing, Interview Techniques and Effective Job Search.

Career Recruitment Mission Statement


The labour market is tough and can be soul destroying with rejection!  One of our core values at Career Recruitment is to inspire, motivate and instil positivity back into our Candidates.  We will do this by supporting them with regular updates and empowering them with effective employability skills.  We empower our Clients by providing exceptional Candidates that will help their business to deliver and prosper.

Honesty and Integrity

We will insist on delivering a highly ethical service.  We will ensure that each of our Candidates match exactly what our Clients are looking for.  Above all, we interview all Candidates using highly qualified Careers Advisers, before we send their CV to our Clients.  As a result, employers will only receive suitable Candidates from us.  Consequently, we will give all candidates honest and productive feedback.

Commitment and Loyalty

Finally, we are committed to the careers of our candidates.  We are committed to helping them achieve career prosperity that helps them achieve their aspirations.  Therefore, our Career Prosperity Process will support and empower our Candidates and will provide a loyal and committed service to our Clients by delivering added value that is second to none in the recruitment industry.